The fields of activity up to now

I. Architecture: - architect planning; site management/ object supervision
    * free time and agriculture
    * municipal constructions/ projects of the authorities
    * trade- and industrial buildings: conversion and changes in utilization
    * development of industrial branches
    * conversions + refurbishments of histoical objects
- designing of living environments
- village greens

II. Urban planning / regional planning: - regional development and department development plans
- land utilization planning
- building plans + plans for projects and exploitation
- mediation of projects
- regional development drafts

III. Civil engineering / water supply
and distribution:
- reconstruction and redesigning of roads
- canal construction + sewage plants
- waterworks + constructions for extraction
- drinking water networks

IV. Energy management /
building services /
plant construction:
- reconstruction, refurbishment and rearrangement of heating systems
- certificates for energy and efficiency
- constructions for pressure or steam lines
- heating works
- pipe planning
- constructions for water + sewage
- electrical engineering
- ventilation systems and air conditionings
- construction of chemical installations

V. Statics: - planning of structural frameworks
- proof of stability

VI. Agrarian planning / agriculture: - agrarian-structural pre plans
- village renewal examinations
- structural and developing special plans
- certificate for environmental compatibility, investigations in agriculture
- special plans like:
    * agricultural structural changes
    * agricultural and forest developing drafts
    * tourism drafts concerning agriculture
    * equestrian sports and horse tourism

VII. Village renewal: - examinations of village renewals (at the beginning of the nineties)
- village renewal and village developing plans
- organisation regulations
- village and monument justified building refurbishment
- ways, square designing and planting of grass
last update: Jan 2008

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