II. Department: Office for regional planning


(1991 - 2001)

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The office came into being by the merger of the managing director with a team of researchers from the former FZM (research center mechanization in the farming) in 1991. These had built up an office for agricultural order directly after the Reuniting of Germany in 1989/1990 and then had entered the Kalka & Partner GmbH as a new department. At first the main emphasis was on agricultural structural preplannings, village renewal examinations and village design concepts.

During later elaborated district-developing-concepts there was for the first time successful succeeded a common planning for two districts, whose public at first did not want to see common characteristics. The experience got from this project our North Rhine-Westphalian partner used there meanwhile at planning, too. Subject planning as agricultural structurals development plannings like "vegetable AEP" was or "supraregional development rides and Kutschwege" in Brandenburg carried out in Saxony-Anhalt last.

In the course of the years a change started. In addition to the technical planning the participation got still more important to the population and her integration at the planning process. To come technically at the most modern stand in this area, the managing director completed two education behind each other at Eipos (European institute for postgraduale studies), Dresden, in 1999 and in 2000. He attained the postgradualen degrees regional adviser and regional manager. Beginning of 2002 conclusion of the pilot studies at university for floor culture Vienna as MAS "master of Advanced study ( regional management )" A new main emphasis of this office is starting and carrying out presented regional planning and developments.

Regional planning and development Approach to traffic calming
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Reference list of the architectural office Kalka time period 1979-2007 - Departments Architecture + Analysis of Structures: References_1979-2007_Architecture.pdf

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