IV. Department: Engineering office for technical building equipment & plant engineering

(1991 - today)

After the reuniting of Germany in 1990 Mr Kalka built up an engineering office in Schkopau before the gates of the Buna plants there. Partner was Mr Burghardt, who had worked as a specialized engineer in the industry plant construction Leipzig there leadingly before for many years and brought along works some engineers from the Buna. At first rehabilitations and renewals were main emphasis of the office in the Buna plants. As a second pivot leg the technical redevelopment of apartment houses was built up for house-building associations. A high competence was particularly, late also in the rehabilitation execution by the experiences in dealing with tenants and the organization of rehabilitation processes achieved in the technical, scientific preparations for most favorable rehabilitation possibilities. The high competence in this area was the reason that the office got also complete rehabilitations transferred after some years.

The office Schkopau worked as a technical engineering partner in the normal technical building equipment in the context of general planner projects of the Kalka & Partner GmbH. The office played a part the plant construction both in the country in the program in a research and putting into action project "linseed oil modification system" and in a high temperature incineration plant - Brandenburg, for example.

The temporal sequence
The office came into being in Schkopau, District Merseburg, (Saxony-Anhalt) as a subject engineering office house and energy technology in 1991. In the year 1994 the office became an independent branch office and, in 1997, an independent GmbH. The activity was stopped after the sudden death of the managing con-partner middle of 2000 in the separate GmbH, therefore became the line of business "technical building equipment" into the main office again - spare in Zagelsdorf there - taken back and the office closed in Schkopau/ Halle.

The TGA area of electrical engineering is adjusted since the year 2001.

The main emphases were:

Reference list of the Kalka & Partner GmbH - time period 1979-2007: References_1979-2007_Technical_Building_Equipment.pdf

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